Here’s one of our favourite culinary ways to celebrate the change of season – Sam’s famous chutney recipe!

1kg apple, peeled cored and chopped

1kg shallots, coarse dice

2 bulb garlic, cloves peeled and halved

1kg fresh tomatoes quartered

400g raisins

600ml cider vinegar

500g dark brown sugar

Spice bag

Ginger 2 thumb sized pieces

10 cloves

2tsp black peppercorns

2tsp coriander


Take a large stainless heavy bottomed saucepan. Add all the ingredients and slowly bring to a simmer stirring from time to time.

Simmer for 2-3 hours to achieve a chutney like consistency. (A good test is you should be able to draw a spoon through and see the base of the pan).

Transfer into sterilised jars.

Store in the fridge for at least two weeks to mature before enjoying with Yarg, Kern or Stithians – and home baked bread, naturally!

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