If Yarg is all about the leaves, then Stithians cheese is all about the lack of them. We began making Stithians simply to find out what would happen if we left the leaves out of our Yarg recipe. Lemony, fresh and young was the answer, and so our development continued.

Now made to a stand alone recipe and rinded with a single coat of wax to make sure the the flavours of the Cornish milk have been well and truly locked in, it is a wonderfully buttery cheese with a light richness. .

Every now and again, we leave a batch to mature for more than 12 months – the tang intensifies, the flavour is more robust and the texture becomes flinty to the cut. Our Vintage Stithians is a popular choice for chefs and for those who prefer stronger cheeses.


Storage Tips

Wrap your Stithians cheese in wax paper, store below 8 degrees, serve at room temperature. Not suitable for vegetarians.

2 Star at the Great Taste Awards 2023

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