The extended Lynher Dairies family includes many children of school age so we know the rigmarole (and let’s face it, coercion!) that sometimes goes with the return to school after a long summer full of outdoor freedom. One trick is to include slices of Yarg in their packed lunch.

‘What have you got in your lunch today?’

‘Stinging nettles.’

Trust us it’s a winner!

Here are some other nettle facts to wow the crowd:

Nettle leaves can help to keep fruit fresh

Archaeologists love nettles as huge clumps of them sometimes indicate where ancient settlements exist

Nettle leaves were once used to make fabric for clothing  – and not that long ago either. They were used to make German uniforms in the Second World War.

And finally, no – the nettle rind on a Yarg doesn’t sting (but there’s no need for your child to let on immediately!)


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