We have several favourite wild garlic picking spots close to the dairy – not that we’re going to share the information here! But here are a few fun facts to make up for our silence.

In the UK, wild garlic is sometime’s known as ‘ramsons’,  bear’s garlic’, ‘devil’s garlic’, ‘gypsy’s onions’ or  ‘stinking jenny’ .

It’s antibacterial, antiseptic, antibiotic and it lowers blood pressure.

It’s easily confused with Lily of the Valley, so rub a leaf between your fingers and if you are hit by the unmistakeable smell of garlic, then you know you have the right plant!

It’s the leaves the foragers are after, not the bulb. And not only does it work its magic when wrapped around a Yarg, it also makes fantastic pesto and is delicious raw in a salad or wilted with Cornish early potatoes.

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