The British summer doesn’t always deliver, does it? But when the sun does shine, there’s a lot to be said for the pleasure of eating outside and the simpler the meal, the greater the enjoyment, in our experience.

Yarg slices easily and has a low melting point so we take ours to the beach ready cut, to melt onto burgers for the last minute or so of their cooking time. We crumble it into field mushrooms, add cherry tomatoes and basil and cook them on the barbecue in parcels of foil until the mushrooms fully soften (chilli flakes work well with this too, if you want some heat).

Sometimes, we add Yarg to a picnic quiche (making it a day ahead – hot quiche never tastes as good as cold!). If we’re really organised, we make bread with it too.  But to be absolutely honest, what we do most is grab some from the fridge as we’re heading off and hope that someone has a penknife on them when we get where we’re going. Oh, and don’t forget the apples.

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