Like you need to be told how to enjoy award-winning cheese in the great outdoors! But here are five delicious ways to enjoy Cornish Yarg and Wild Garlic Yarg that you might not have considered:

  • A thin slice of Cornish Yarg slipped onto a chargrilled burger for a minute before capping with a home-made bap
  •  Toast a slice of sourdough on the barbecue, crumble some Wild Garlic Yarg with finely chopped sage or thyme and melt
  • Cubes of Yarg with walnut, apple, green leaves and a light honey dressing
  • A foccacia, salami, Cornish Yarg, red onion marmalade and baby leaf sandwich
  • Replace the traditional Gruyère with Wild Garlic Yarg in an Alsace style onion tart (and then take on a picnic!)

    slices of Cornish Yarg, bread and apple on a picnic table

    Cornish Yarg deserves speciality bread

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