Lynher Dairies

Covid-19 statement

A reassuring hello to all our  Lynher Dairies customers

The entire world is talking about the same subject so we hardly have to mention Covid-19

But we do want you to know how we are dealing with the crisis here at the dairy.

Please be assured that we always take exceptional care in food hygiene and we have stepped up those measures in accordance with current government guidelines.

Our  ingredients come from entirely trusted, traceable and known places and we are confident of being able to continue supply to all.

To meet the self-isolating needs of so many, we have made it easier for you to shop for our cheeses from the comfort and and safety of your own home by increasing the options on our online shop at  This is operating as normal, with safety of delivery to your door being the top priority.

Thank you for being a valued customer and for your continued support during this unsettling time.

Stay safe, eat well and look after each other.

Catherine Mead

Owner, Lynher Dairies