Coastland, moorland, woodland – where will your chosen picnic spot be in Cornwall this summer?  Getting away from the crowds is higher on everyone’s wish list than ever this year so here are our top tips for finding somewhere you can call your own for a delicious hour or so.

Stay inland. There are plenty of public-friendly and spacious woodlands to explore, including those owned by the Duchy and The National Trust. Head off the beaten track and find yourself a clearing. You might not see another soul.

Bodmin Moor is vast and rugged and beautiful but you don’t have to set off for hours of hiking to find the perfect spot. The Copper Trail is a 60 mile route that circumnavigates the moor but a 60 minute section is more our style!

And as far as the coastline is concerned, you’d be surprised how many benches there are along the way, all of them with unbeatable views. The extensive dunes of the north coast beaches are also full of private spaces.

Wherever it is, we suggest you take nothing more than a few wedges of our excellent cheese (see our online shop for our selection boxes)  some good bread and something to drink (heresy, we know, but you don’t really even need a checked blanket!)

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