Well, that’s almost it for another year – time to tuck the last batch of new cheeses into their Christmas dormitories and put our feet up whilst nature does all the work.

2016 has been something of a golden year for us so here are just some of our baubles…

Our new cheese Cornish Kern won a much coveted Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards in Spain, making it one of the top 66 cheeses in the world (it also gained a Gold, let’s not be too blasé about that!)

Cornish Yarg and Wild Garlic Yarg both gained Golds at the British Cheese Awards. Then there was the Gold Champion Award for Wild Garlic at the Great Yorkshire Show. Not to be outdone, Cornish Yarg then earned the accolade of three Gold stars at the Great Taste Awards – and you can’t do better than that!

So, glittering prizes all round for our cheeses but in case it goes to their heads, we should point out that they wouldn’t even exist without our stellar team of cheesemakers – well done team, and enjoy the brief rest, there is work to be done in 2017!

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